We offer a pack with the necessary steps for your company to comply with GDPR requirements

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) affects not just European companies, but also non-European companies handling EU  citizen's"personal data".

Affected topics are the implementation of:

  • Cookies
  • Analytics
  • Forms
  • SSL
  • Further Third Parties (mouseflow, etc)
  • E-Commerce /Third Parties
  • Privacy policy on website

Our offer covers everything you need to become GDPR compliant:

Within five working days, you will receive:

  • GDPR Cookie rule
  • Necessary Google Analytics adjustments
  • GDPR privacy policy
  • Website review.

Avoid GDPR fines! The maximum fine for not complying with the GDPR is 20,000,000 Euros or up to 4% of your annual worldwide turnover.

Disclaimer: This service is a recommendation without but NO legal advice. We do not take any responsibility. It should be taken as a an orientative framework on the topic. It is no legal advice nor legal recommendation.

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Find out more information about in our blog post: What you need to know to become GDPR Compliant.