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Online visibility is indispensable for companies, both for B2B (Business to Business) and B2C. Content marketing can highlight your company’s branding and increase customer loyalty. Read on to discover the most important content marketing tips & tricks.


What is Content Marketing?

Through content marketing, a company can create interesting and helpful content, that can be read, seen (video) or heard (podcast) usually free of charge. The best way to create interesting content is by maintaining a blog on your website, in which you add interesting and relatable text, images or videos and podcasts.

Wikipedia defines content marketing as:

"a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses with the aim to:

  • Attract attention and generate leads

  • Expand their customer base

  • Generate or increase online sales

  • Increase brand awareness or credibility

  • Engage an online community of users."

A solid content marketing strategy helps your company stand out, answers questions they may have and keeps your channels up to date with current events. All this is fantastic for boosting your brand image.

The positive effects of your content strategy are plenty, such as enhanced branding, conversion, user engagement and a strengthened SEO presence.

Boosting your content strategy by having your content shared on other media and by bloggers is a lot easier when the content you create is fresh and relatable, ensuring that your posts are spread as far and wide as possible. This boost in brand awareness is, with the right know-how and tools, easily measurable and optimizable.

Only those who present interesting content that is shared, mentioned and discussed can achieve lasting impressions and a widespread distribution - both online and offline.

Staying up to date for the digital future in online marketing cannot be done without minding your online visibility. Be mindful of the right techniques required in our digital age to generate sufficient information and entertainment value through your marketing strategy and your social media marketing.


Do you know the AIDA Marketing Model ?


Consider the AIDA model when creating content and other marketing activities:

1/ Attention
Attention is raised (through emotions, images, colours, music, etc.). The recipient feels immediately addressed and engages by moving onto step two.

3/ Desire
Interest has been locked down and now desire is further raised and strengthened. A clear message with a special offer or explicit benefits for the recipient has been established.

2/ Interest
Your audience is interested in the content you created and is willing to invest a bit of time to get to know more. Now is time to lock their interest and move onto step three.

4/ Action
You now have enough traction to ensure that your product or service is so coveted that your potential customer is going to follow through on your desired action.


B2B Content Marketing - What we Need to Know

A well planned B2B content marketing strategy exudes relevant content. The following points are critical:

1) Know your objectives

Set goals for yourself and your business. Your campaign can only be successful if you are aware of your key objectives. Define them as precisely as possible. Only then do you move on to your implementation options. 

2) Do you know your target group?

A more comprehensive analysis of your target group can help you to take the right steps to achieve your objectives. Be careful: Do not confuse what you yourself find interesting with what your target group feels is important. Align your content and its distribution with your target group. Be aware of where you can best reach your target audience and systematically distribute your content there. Keyword analysis is the ideal starting point to define your audience’s interests.

3) Choose a Content Management System:

Simplify the organization of your amazing content. Set up a uniform structure with software that helps you to keep an overview of your KPIs and processes.

4) Content planning:

A calendar that is thoroughly and neatly structured is pivotal to spreading quantitative and qualitative content to the right places. You may have to revise your calendar according to your previous analysis, at the drop of a hat. You must be responsive and swift.

5) Communication is at the core:

Within the B2B sector, maintaining strong internal communications with your team and also with your customers is a must. Align yourself with a highly coordinated and targeted strategy to achieve your goals. Be aware that B2B content marketing is not only about content creation, but also the way it is structured, how optimized it is for search engines, and how efficiently it is distributed via social media channels; all of this comprises the well oiled machine we call content marketing strategy. This will ensure a more effective and simpler means to your goal.

6) Content Marketing with Social Media:

Share your content on your social media channels, and do so well. Rely on a prepared planning calendar and strategy. Your company can have a say in and influence how your offer is perceived by your audience. Creative and original ideas are in demand on social media and can trigger conversations about your product or service. Don't forget to use your hashtags (#) wisely. This distributes your contribution in several places and thus creates more audience visibility and potentially convert new customers.

7) Expand your network through lead generation:

Position yourself as an industry expert and pique interest in your company. Use social media to generate leads via new platforms. A thorough understanding of your desired target group is crucial. If you know their goals, it is easier to convert your leads into customers.

8) Establish your industry expertise and authority:

Content marketing empowers you with opportunities to demonstrate your competence. You can answer specific customer questions and present your results (insights) with statistics. Organized B2B content marketing helps to garner attention and create lasting loyalty.

“Your content marketing strategy must always be needs-oriented, so that a connection with your target group can spark and develop..”

B2B Content Marketing Infographic

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SEO is Grateful for Content Marketing

Blogging is the optimal way to improve your search engine ranking in a targeted way.

This technique applies not only to consumer products, but also to B2B. With Content Marketing you can work in a targeted fashion and more effectively. Utilizing the right keywords and creating content with SEO in mind allows you to make your website pages easier to find. Thanks to a better positioning with Google and Bing you will get more visibility and achieve a better positioning of your website in general. 

Content Marketing Example 1: If you are looking for "Fussreflexzonenmassage" in Switzerland, a blog post from our customer "Bodyzone" will appear among the first results. This is because Bodyzone's content marketing strategy is directly linked to their SEO strategy


Content Marketing Example 2: If you search for "DSGVO Checkliste Schweiz" in Switzerland, you will find onlineKarma's content as the first unpaid result. This is a prime example of a blog post that has been specifically optimized for these search engine terms.


The 9 Most Important Facts About Content Marketing

  1. Content Marketing for B2B offers about 6 times higher conversion rates than other digital marketing methods. It boosts your brand image both qualitatively and quantitatively. (Source: Lyfemarketing)

  2. Content marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads. (Source: Lyfemarketing)

  3. It also helps you create trust and build relationships. With good content, you're also attracting attention by giving consumers the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

  4. Online consumers are more likely to make a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog. (Source: Suxeedo)

  5. SEO plays an important role in improving your business’ online exposure. For effective SEO, you need to create optimized content; content marketing is one of the best ways to do that.

  6. The more content you have on your website, the more pages search engines can index and display to users in their search engine results. This means being able to position yourself for more keywords and thus generate more traffic. Blog posts are great for this.

  7. Content marketing enables your brand to demonstrate its competencies and provide valuable knowledge at the same time. The consumer will remember which brand provided them with the necessary information.

  8. A powerful brand image can help you connect with your target buyers and show them what makes your business special. One of the best ways to let your personality shine is through the content you create and publish.

  9. 60% of consumers enjoy reading relevant corporate content. 82% feel more positive about a company after reading a blog article about it. 70% feel closer to a company because of their digital marketing presence. (Source: Suxeedo)

What should you consider when blogging as part of your content marketing strategy?

Inspire your audience with great content instead of boring them with insipid messages. Use various marketing techniques such as blog marketing, newsletters, tutorials, interviews, etc.

"Content is King!

Consumers want valuable and informative content

Think about a suitable content marketing B2B strategy that fits your brand. As a rule, full potential will only be reached when the project or campaign is guided by a clear strategy and a deeper understanding of the goals to be achieved.

First clarify your goals: What do you want to achieve? Who is your target group? How and where do you want to interact? How much time and money should you invest in user engagement and visibility? Which keywords are relevant (SEO)? Be smarter than the competition and observe users and their activities.

Our tip: Use videos!


Insert Videos

Use animated GIFs, memes and infographics, short videos, cinemagraphs and comprehensive video campaigns: The "video" medium creates more emotional responses to content, ensuring deeper and more lasting effect.

Be a storyteller and let yourself be inspired by marketing knowledge. For a good User Experience (UX), marketers recognize that video offers a lot of information in a short time as it’s attention-grabbing and target-oriented.

A moving image massively increases conversion rates. (Source: Content-Garden).

Because of an increasing flood of information, users are forced to choose content wisely and absorb it faster and more effectively. Be smart: create content that convinces quickly, maintains interest, and can be consumed quickly. This way you will stand out from the flood of information and gain the interest of your target group. This is known as… SNACK CONTENT!

Snack content is not only cheaper to produce, but is also more user-oriented. A video illustrated real insights into a product or service and also addresses the emotional part of the brain. 

"Reality is in demand!

A video does not have to be elaborately produced, a simple video interview can go a long way. And with today's mobile phone cameras, videos can be produced that are good enough quality for blog posts, Facebook or LinkedIn.

With creativity, authenticity, agility, speed and in-depth knowledge of your target group’s needs, you can develop a perfect content marketing strategy. We are happy to support you in your strategy, SEO and blogging. Send us a message now.

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